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Packtite Closet Heating Chamber

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The PackTite Closet Portable Bed Bug Killing Heater Unit: The PackTite Closet Portable Heater uses patent pending heating technology to safely eliminate all stages of bed bugs by heating contents up to over 120 oF for a sustained period.

The PackTite Closet is a safe, non-chemical way to treat your personal items for bedbugs and features a timer to select heating times of up to six hours. The PackTite Closet is designed to work as a preventive measure for travelers, especially frequent business travelers. Heat up your suitcases, clothes, electronics and eliminate bed bugs.

Be safe after travel with The PackTite Closet.

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Our price: Canadian $979.99
PackTite Electric Blower

PackTite Electric Blower

Our price: Canadian $299.99
Packtite Heater

Packtite Heater

Our price: Canadian $199.99
Packtite SC

Portable Bed Bug Heat Treatment System


  • Eliminates "stowaway" bed bugs from your luggage.
  • Treats personal items for bed bugs.
  • Uses heat to safely eliminate all stages of bed bugs, including insect larvae.
  • Uses no pesticides or harrmfull chemicals.
  • folds for easy storage when not in use.
  • Includes a thermometer, timer and instruction manual.

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Our price: Canadian $799.99