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Vapamore MR100 Primo Steam Cleaner

Vapor Steam Cleaner

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If you are looking for the best steam cleaner with the best quality and features as well as a life time warranty, the highest level of service at the most affordable price, look no further than the Vapamore Primo steam cleaner.Steam cleaner Canada provides the best steam cleaners.

Features and Details: Vapamore MR100 Primo

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How to use the Primo for Bed Bug Treatment

The Vapamore Steam Cleaner uses a boiler to heat tap water to high temperatures (240 to 310 degrees) causing the water to be transformed into a very fine, dry mist. The vapor is made up of about 5 to 6% water, so surfaces dry quickly. The vapor particles are much smaller than steam particles allowing the ability to clean in tighter spaces. In 2005, the University of Washington tested a vapor steam cleaner and said “the steam vapor’s low moisture and high temperature provides deeper cleaning because it penetrates into the pores and crevices better than topically applied cleaners. Since steam vapor cleaners use no chemicals, there is a benefit to indoor air quality, no hazards or risks from using and storing chemicals, and no harmful chemical residue left after the cleaning process.

The Vapamore uses dry vapor steam that loosens dirt, grease and grime. The penetrating steam kills allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew without using any expensive and toxic chemical cleaners.

The Vapamore Steam Cleaning System is chemical‐free GREEN cleaning at its best. Just fill it up, turn it on, and start cleaning in minutes.Bed bug steam cleaning.

Use the Vapamore everywhere in your home to clean floors, tiles, grout, countertops, sinks and toilets. Remove baked on food and grease from ovens and barbeque. Lift stains from carpets and upholstery. Clean grease and dirt from automobile wheels and tires, engines and tools. Steam clothing to freshen and remove wrinkles. Sanitize children's toys and pet beds. Remove dried on paint and adhesives. Kill germs, allergens, dust mites and bedbugs. The possibilities are endless.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Brandon
    Great for allergy relief and bedbug removal. Much more affordable than hiring an extermination company. Allergy Guy shipped it next day for me. Thanks a lot!
  • Author: Angela
    Recently purchased to clean/disinfect following a dog's giardia outbreak. Great deep clean, including hardwood flooring, and provided a great deal of allergy relief (dust mites). Haven't breathed this clearly in years - very satisfied after first cleaning. Not only is the product great, and easy to use, but service was top-notch!
  • Author: Lilly
    Bought the vapamore primo and I'm really impressed at how well it cleans and sanitizes.Works as well as the more expensive one.The Allergy Guy shipped in 1 day.Great service
  • Author: will
    This is really amazing . I am satisfied with it

  • Author: Marilyn
    The best purchase I ever made. Great service. Used it last night to kill Bed bugs..
  • Author: Torrie
    Have you tried building Amazon affilate site? Some folks make big money with a Wordpress blog. That's my opinion. See this. http://intpedia.com/amazon-affiliate
  • Author: den
    This product is amazing am satisfied with it
  • Author: Linda Goral
    I am very much interested in this item. As I have a major problem with Bed Bugs. My senior cats and I are constantly bitten. Do you recommend using neem oil with the steam machine, or vinegar? Do you have a catalogue that you can mail out to my home?Thanks! Respectfully, Linda
  • Author: paul christink
    ordered the MR100 and recieved it the very next day outstanding service very happy will be making other purchases from this company
  • Author: Claude Rivet
    I'm waiting on a reply concerning
    Linda Goral's question

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