ZappBug Oven 2

ZappBug Oven 2
The ZappBug Oven 2 kills 100% of all bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults. The 
ZappBug Oven 2 is the new and improved version of the popular ZappBug Oven. Get rid of bed bug 
infestations by heat treating your shoes, books, files, papers, clothes, bedding, electronics and most 
other household items. If you travel, prevent bed bugs from entering your home by heat treating your 
luggage (up to 39” wide) and killing any bed bugs that may have tagged along. The temperature range is 
between 120 F and 155 F, which will kill all bed bugs, but is safe for most belongings. The ZappBug
Heater is extremely easy to use. Simply set it up, load with items and press on. The included timer 
automatically shuts off the unit when the heat treatment cycle is done. Also included is a wireless digital 
thermometer to ensure that temperatures reach above 120 F. 
 Kills 100% of bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults. 
 Completely non-toxic and safe: No pesticides, no chemicals, just heat. 
 Extremely easy to use: Set up, load with items and press on. 
 Large size. Measures 39.5” x 39.5” x 28" 
 One person set-up. Folds flat for easy storage.
The ZappBug Oven 2 is easy to transport and can be assembled by one person in under 10 mintues.  It's large size (39.5" x 39.5" x 28") allows you to treat luggage and small furniture, and it's extremely easy to use.
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Our price: Canadian $579.99

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  • Author: Wade Mackenzie
    once again your site is a mass what heat it doesn't show or tell anything important, does the heater come with it because you don;t say i'm trying to buy and i'm reading a kids book on items no big pictures

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