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Refund Policy

Return Policy Details
1. When you receive your order, check it over.  If an item is on back order, your invoice will indicate this status. The item will be on its way as soon as it’s available, at no extra charge. In the event of a back order for part of your order, we will ship available items first to get these allergy products to you right away.  If you notice anything missing or inaccurate, our Customer Service department will provide help right away by simply calling 1-866-613-9802
 2. Have a Question or Concern About Your Order? If your order is damaged in transit, missing anything, inaccurate or if you have a product issue, call us. We want to make sure your order arrives without issue, so call our Customer Service department at 1-866-613-9802 or email info@theallergyguy.com if a problem has occurred. See our special note below about damaged packages.
3. Is Your Package Damaged? If your order is damaged in transit, please keep your box and packaging materials. Call 1-866-613-9802
4. Do You Want to Return or Exchange an Item? Returns or exchanges. Call 1-866-613-9802
5. Return Exclusions. Some exclusions apply to our 30-day return policy. These exclusions include the following: Opened or Used Mattress Covers, Open or Used Products of any kind

-  orders over $199.99 receive free shipping - only if you keep the product (NWT different rates apply)

All returned items must be in new condition and in their original packaging and all component pieces must be included.
-  A restocking fee and handling of 15% for your original order and the cost to return your items will not be refunded.
-  Refused Orders: In the event that you refuse your order upon delivery, you will be responsible for the shipping charges to your destination as well as the return shipping.