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About Us

My name is Lorne Chadnick, founder of The Allergy Guy.

I've suffered from annoying and debilitating allergies most of my life and decided that i need to become an expert in the field. .Several years ago I also came across bed bugs and decided that I too needed to become an expert in that field.I have developed products for both allergies and bed bugs.Our mattress encasements are certified bed bug proof and allergy proof .

The Allergy Guy is Canada's largest indoor allergy relief products retailer  and bed bug supplier . What sets us apart from other stores is that I actually use the products that I sell. An estimated 60 Million people suffer from different types of allergies in Canada and the U.S. alone, as I said I'm one of those.  While we can't avoid allergens altogether, those of us who suffer from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivities can take steps to make our home, work and lifestyle environment better so that we can live more comfortably.

My goal is to offer you the very best allergy relief and bed bug control  products with the greatest value for your money. If you or someone you love is an allergy or bed bug sufferer, I encourage you to try one or more of the products we carry.

I sincerely believe that the products we carry will help improve your quality of life. Don't let allergies or bed bugs control your life. Let The Allergy Guy help you.

Taking over the reins of the Allergy Guy is Jennifer McKay. Jennifier has several years in the business of Bed Bug and Allergy products and I am sure you will find her to be as willing to provide the best service possible as I have in the past.                                    


                                  Lorne Chadnick



Questions?  Please email Jennifer at: info@theallergyguy.com 

Call Toll Free 1-866-613-9802 (Canada, U S A)